About Us

Johncat is a platform where we can provide students with study notes and challenges. We have a team of around 10 people working on new articles and challenges for students all year round. Bla bla bla you don't care about that. So here's the back story

Johncat started out as a meme about John Williamson (the one that does 1st year Python, because there’s like 5 John Williamsons) in late 2018. Any time there was a YACRS feedback, we would spam it with Johncat memes and links to our Discord server. One day, I thought it would be funny to register the domain name johncat.co.uk during a lecture and redirect it to John’s site. It was pretty funny for a day or two, but I had the domain name for a year and had no idea what to do with it. At the time, we were preparing for the December lab exam for Python and people were struggling with it quite a bit, so I set up a Wordpress blog and used some free hosting so that I could help others out and share my notes. This turned out to be a huge success and managed to crash the site due to the amount of traffic it was getting – so I migrated to paid hosting and started working on some more notes. Over time, the site gained more and more popularity and I didn’t have the time to manage it by myself, so I brought in two friends to help me: Alex and Tom. They handled a lot of the backend stuff and accompanied me to a few meetings to make new connections and spread awareness for the site. I couldn’t have gotten this far without their help. At the start of the second semester, I had people coming up to me asking if they could write up some content for the site. Obviously, I was more than happy to put people’s work up on the site, so I decided to add them to the team as editors so that they could write their own posts. From there we started making weekly challenges using a CMS (contest management system) so that students could practice techniques they learned in the labs that week.